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Recovery & Rehabilitation


Recovery and Rehabilitation

After treatment, a client with breast cancer may prioritise recovery and rehabilitation, and generally try to cope with life changes brought about by cancer. At this stage practical knowledge and support is crucial to help them get back to normal and to reintegrate into society. Our CancerLink Centres provide this support through the numerous programmes and services available.

Immediate Support and Care


Pink Recovery Pack

These packs are given to clients with breast cancer who have undergone surgery at a Hong Kong hospital. Each one contains our pink bear, temporary breast prosthesis, soft pillow, information booklet, exercise equipment and other important items to help with their recovery and rehabilitation.

Prosthesis Fund

Prosthesis can make a huge difference during rehabilitation after surgery, but for some clients with breast cancer, it is simply unaffordable. To fill this gap we have established a fund specifically designed to help provide financial support for breast prostheses to those experiencing financial difficulty.

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Prosthesis Education Workshops

We offer clients with breast cancer workshops on how to fit, wear and maintain their prosthesis properly.

Nursing & Dietetic Consultation and Workshops

Our nursing and dietetice workshops are held each week to equip clients with the information and confidence to improve their quality of life and physical well-being. With an emphasis on dealing with the physical side effects of cancer, topics include how to lessen treatment side effects, surgery preparation and recovery, and tips on managing fatigue, nausea and stress. Our registered dietitian offers clients one-on-one consultations recommending the best foods for each stage of treatment and recovery.

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Managing Upper Lymphoedema Workshop and exercise programme

Facilitated by our registered nurses, this workshop has been specifically designed for clients with breast cancer to teach them important techniques and exercise to help prevent and manage lymphoedema, a common side effect of breast cancer.

Understanding Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This workshop provides information on breast reconstruction surgery, and tips on enhancing recovery after the procedure.

Breast Cancer Adjustment Group

This group helps clients adjust through the recovery process by learning positive thinking methods, how to build a healthy lifestyle, how to select and wear prostheses and through sharing with peers in different sessions.

Breast Check Technique Workshop

Learn how to examine your breasts and spot any unusual changes. Early detection saves lives!