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Family Workshops


Family Workshops

Family Counselling

Breast cancer not only affects the client but the whole family, impacting finances, personal relationships, life plans, self-esteem, fertility and dynamics in the home. Our counselling services help families find ways to build strength and improve communication so they can cope with cancer together as a family.

Caregivers Workshop

This workshop has been specifically designed to help us cope with some of the stress of looking after someone living with breast cancer. In this workshop, caregivers are able to gain support from peers while also learning how to adjust to their emotions, face cancer positively and care for themselves as well as the person they care for.

Couples Workshop

As the majority of caregivers are spouses, we also run a workshop specifically for couples. In this workshop we encourage couples to face the challenges brought about by breast cancer together while offering emotional support and empowering positive thinking.

Couples Yoga

Designed for couples affected by breast or gynecological cancers, yoga calms the body, while sharing experiences enhances communication and enriches relationships so you connect with your partner on an emotional and spiritual level.