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Psycho-therapeutic Support


Psycho-therapeutic Support

120428-1522-img 0725Art Therapy

Art has long been recognised as a valuable form of therapy for people suffering from physical or emotional trauma. Our art therapy groups and experiential workshops have been specifically designed for clients living with and survivors of breast cancer to explore their feelings, anxieties and emotions through art. Conducted in a stress-free environment, these therapeutic classes help clients combat depression, find hope and enhance their self-esteem.

Dance Therapy

Like art, music and dance are also a valuable form of therapy for people suffering from physical or emotional trauma. We have a series of dance-therapy groups specifically designed to address the needs of clients with and survivors of breast cancer. Through dance and music our clients are able to express the unspoken emotions of cancer and their situation.

Positive Adjustment Group

Adjusting to life after breast cancer is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Through peer support and life coaching this group has been designed to help clients with breast cancer adjust and rebuild their lives and find happiness by focusing on the positive aspects of life.

Building up positive self-image workshop

Many clients with breast cancer lose confidence after surgery and treatment. This class is facilitated by our professionally trained social workers and make-up artists who help clients rebuild their self-image. We offer hairdressing services, advice on wigs, hats, scarves, and offer FREE organic headwear.