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In addition to the extensive support that we offer clients with breast cancer during their journey; we also provide research and medical equipment grants to different universities, hospitals and medical care professionals to conduct clinical or psychological research projects. These projects focus on improving medical, physical or psychological support for people touched by breast cancer and their families. Here are some of the research projects we sponsored in the past and ongoing research and equipment sponsorship projects:

Psychosocial Research

  • A study on optimising patient decision-making for primary surgical breast cancer treatment – stage two of a two-part study to enhance physician communication and nurse diagnosis.
  • A longitudinal study of psychosocial unmet needs, physical symptom distress, and psychological distress of Hong Kong Chinese women with advanced breast cancer.
  • A randomised control trial on the effect of yoga therapy on post-operative side effects among women with breast cancer.

Clinical Research

  • A pilot study on the use of ductoscopy in patients with nipple discharge.
  • A study on the use and comparison of use, of accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using a Contura Multi-lumen Balloon breast brachytherapy catheter and Strut-adjusted volume implant (SAVI) in early stage breast cancer in Hong Kong Chinese women.

Equipment and Facilities

We sponsor medical equipment that is specifically required, or not sponsored by the government, according to their public information.