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Pink Activity


Olympian City

Olympian City

This year Cancer Fund is delighted to collaborate with Olympian City for annual breast cancer awareness campaign「Cancer Fund Pink Revolution」from 20th Sep. To educate the public right concept of breast cancer and encourage all women to aware self-examination, we will have education booth for public consultation on 1/F, Olympian City 2 from Oct 11 to 23.

Thanks to the Pink tenants’ support, we can continue to expand our FREE breast cancer service and help to make better life for breast cancer patients! During the campaign from Sep 20 to Oct 31, customer not only can enjoy a meaningful shopping, but also donates $120 or above at the Olympian City 1 & 2 Concierges will receive a Pink Card Holder and 300 Kids points. Join us to spread out Pink power around the city!